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Onda Triactiv and patented Cool Waves microwaves provide non-surgical improvement of body and skin contours in problematic areas - abdomen, inner and back thighs, upper arms. The result is firmer and tighter skin, with clearer contours.

The combination of Onda and Skintonic accelerates the effect.

Until December 30, 2020, the clinic has a SPECIAL OFFER: the cost of a skintonic treatment, for example, on the lower half of the body, is at a special price of 1000 rubles.

Make an appointment for the treatment by phone: (343) 228-28-28.


Dear patients, appointments are open for an additional day – October 31, Saturday, to the following doctors of the Therapy department:

cardiologist, Evgenia A. Stolina, MD, Ph.D.
endocrinologist Aleksandra L. Brevnova, MD
therapist Galina A. Leontieva, MD
neurologist Olga S. Shterner, MD
Please call to make an appointment: (343) 228-28-28.

The laboratory is open from 9 am to 11 am.

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Algae Wraps

GUAM algae wraps give good results in combating flabby skin and cellulite. A special creamy algae mask actively combats the formation of fat deposits, while giving the skin firmness and smoothness. Thanks to the deep penetration of biologically active substances, it enhances metabolic processes, which helps eliminate toxins and fats. At the same time it enhances microcirculation and normalizes lymph flow. And the mask with a cooling effect of algae actively strengthens blood vessels, normalizes the lymph flow and helps relieve swelling. The active ingredients, possessing a pronounced anti-cellulite effect, even out the skin relief, tone and moisturize the skin, making it elastic and smooth.

Treatments based on GUAM algae, Italy. Hot and cold GUAM* wraps. DREN ** anti-swelling treatment program:

Full body wrap with the massage using draining oil, shower with Dren products:

- with exfoliating scrub (2 h 30min)
- without exfoliating scrub (2 h 15 min.)

Local body wrap using Dren with massage (mask, mud based draining cream or cream with cooling effect, massage ).

** The result is enhanced by alternating wraps with skin toning using the Le Skin V6.
Recommended treatment course is 2-3 weeks including 2-3 Dren treatments and 2-3 skin toning treatments every other day.

Program for abdomen and waistline: wraps with massage using scrub. Scrub with drainage effect, belly-waist mask, massage with belly-waist cream, shower (1 h 30 min.).

Program for breast and décolleté area: wrap with scrub and massage: scrub, mask, breast skin firming cream, massage (60 min).
Anti-cellulite program for buttocks and “saddle bags” with infrared sauna session, draining scrub, anti-cellulite massage, hot or cold wrap (2 h).

Full body algae wrap:
Cold formula 36.5º for sensitive skin (60 min.)
Hot formula (60 min.)
Active formula express wrap (25 min.)

Local wraps:

Breast wraps
Mask with white clay for breast

Buttocks and “saddle bags” wraps
Cold formula or 36.5ºC
Hot formula (first 3-5 treatments daily, next 7-10 treatments with 2-day intervals)
Active formula express wrap (25 min.)

Calf wraps
Cold formula or 36.5ºC
Hot formula
Active formula express wrap

Upper extremity wraps
Cold formula or 36.5ºC
Hot formula
Active formula express wrap

Обертывание спины
Cold formula or 36.5ºC
Hot formula
Active formula express wrap

Abdomen and waistline

Lower extremities
GUAM BEXTER Formula (cold bandaging)

*For postoperative patients 10% discount on all types of local wrap 10%.