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Plastic Surgery

There are 10 board certified plastic surgeons, 9 board certified anesthesiologists, 6 operating rooms, one intensive care unit with 12 beds and comfortable patient rooms (38 beds) at the aesthetic plastic surgery department.

Since early 1996, endoscopy has been used here to perform face and body aesthetic surgical procedures to minimize tissue trauma and stigmata of surgery.

In 2008, the clinic enhanced its capacity. Two additional floors were constructed and the total area became almost twice as big. Four traditional ORs were replaced by a state-of-the-art built-in operating unit of 6 fully-equipped ORs designed and manufactured in Germany.

Advanced equipment, endoscopic technologies and high-quality anesthesia allow performing combined face and body surgery simultaneously with strict adherence to all safety standards. Thus, our patients can solve not one, but several health and aesthetics-related problems.

MD Board certified plastic surgeon


MD Board certified plastic surgeon


MD Board certified plastic surgeon


MD Board certified plastic surgeon


MD Certified plastic surgeon, ENT and rhinoplasty surgeon


MD Board certified plastic surgeon


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