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Otorhinolaryngology (ENT)

- Modern methods for diagnosis and treatment of diseases of ENT organs
- Counceling and surgical treatment of children and adults
- Comprehensive individual approach
- Wide range of endoscopic, minimally invasive and microsurgical operations of ENT organs
- Combined procedures (simultaneous surgical treatment of several pathologies)
- Comprehensive correction of snoring in children and adults 
- One-day hospital stay
- Patient accommodation in comfortable single or double rooms

Fibropharyngoscopic, endoscopic, and microscopic examination of ENT organs
Biopsy of ENT organs

Therapy and surgical treatment:

Nose and paranasal sinuses:
Inflammatory diseases of nasal sinuses:
- Advancement method
Puncturing and catheterization of the paranasal sinuses:
- Puncturing of the maxillary sinus
- Puncturing of the maxillary sinus with drainage
Treatment of recurrent nasal bleedings:
- Chemical cautery of a bleeding vessel with silver nitrate solution
- Electrosurgical cautery of a bleeding vessel
- Anterior nasal packing with hemostatic agents
- Posterior nasal packing
Surgical procedures:
Correction of the nasal septum:
- Septoplasty
- Endoscopic septoplasty
- Minimally invasive techniques: septal redressment / straightening with a scoring technique
Endoscopic treatment of the paranasal sinuses (removal of cysts, polyps, foreign bodies, affected mucosa)
- Micro-endoscopic surgery of the maxillary sinus
- Endoscopic ethmoidotomy
- Endoscopic frontotomy
- Endoscopic sphenotomy
Surgical treatment of odontogenic sinusitis:
- Open maxillary sinusotomy
- Open maxillary sinusotomy with oroanthral fistula closure
Surgical treatment of chronic hypertrophic and vasomotor rhinitis:
- Submucosal vasotomy and lateropexy of inferior turbinates
- Endoscopic radiofrequency or shaver turbinoplasty
Endoscopic excision of adhesions in the nasal cavity with stenting
Reposition of nasal bones
Postoperative care (follow-up, change of dressings, nasal hygiene, sinus irrigation, etc.)

- Removal of cerumen plugs and foreign bodies from external auditory canals
- Auripuncture with transtympanic administration of medications
- Inflating the middle ear by blowing air up the nose (Politzer maneuver)
- Parameatal blockade with medications
- Paracentesis
- Catheterization, blowing air up the Eustachian tubes, transtubal drug administration
- Pneumomassage of ear-drums
Surgical procedures:
- Tympanostomy under a microscope
- Myringotomy under a microscope with the fluid evacuation from the tympanic cavity

Pharynx, larynx:
- Inflammatory diseases of the tonsils
- Opening of paratonsillar abscesses
- Removal of foreign bodies from the oropharynx
- Removal of foreign bodies from laryngopharynx
- Intralaryngeal infusion of medications
Surgical procedures:
- Endoscopic adenotomy (shaver, RF)
- Tonsillotomy (shaver, RF)
- Adenotonsillotomy
- Tonsillectomy
- Coblation tonsillectomy

Management of snoring:
- Uvulopalatoplasty
- Uvulopalatopharyngoplasty with tonsillectomy
- Combined correction of ENT organs in snoring (septoplasty with turbinoplasty, uvulopalatoplasty)

Removal of benign tumors of ENT organs
Opening of furuncles in ENT organs

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