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Onda Triactiv and patented Cool Waves microwaves provide non-surgical improvement of body and skin contours in problematic areas - abdomen, inner and back thighs, upper arms. The result is firmer and tighter skin, with clearer contours.

The combination of Onda and Skintonic accelerates the effect.

Until December 30, 2020, the clinic has a SPECIAL OFFER: the cost of a skintonic treatment, for example, on the lower half of the body, is at a special price of 1000 rubles.

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Dear patients, appointments are open for an additional day – October 31, Saturday, to the following doctors of the Therapy department:

cardiologist, Evgenia A. Stolina, MD, Ph.D.
endocrinologist Aleksandra L. Brevnova, MD
therapist Galina A. Leontieva, MD
neurologist Olga S. Shterner, MD
Please call to make an appointment: (343) 228-28-28.

The laboratory is open from 9 am to 11 am.

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SmartXide DOT Punto fractional photothermolysis. Laser resurfacing of the face and scars

Mankind has long sought the recipe for eternal youth and is trying to create an elixir of beauty. However, the process of aging remains relevant and continues to interest both scientists and practitioners. The first signs of aging are observed on the face, even when the body is in good physical shape.

Skin is a protective barrier for the whole body and is the first to encounter aggressive environmental influences. In this unequal struggle, it loses moisture, thinns out and loses its ability to regenerate.

fractional photothermolysis smartxideDOT Dermal cells gradually stop producing collagen, which leads to a decrease in tone and elasticity. Age-related fluctuations in the hormonal background result in changes of metabolic processes in the subcutaneous adipose tissue, reducing muscle tone. Repeated sun exposure, exposure to harmful external factors accelerate natural aging, which leads to wrinkle formation.

Until a few years ago, traditional restoration using a pulsed carbon dioxide laser was considered the main way to treat wrinkles, scars, flabby skin. However, due to the long recovery process, high risk of complications, significant contraindications, and the need for general anesthesia, not all patients were ready for this procedure.

This situation stimulated the search for new methods of treatment with high efficacy, minimal risk of postoperative complications and short rehabilitation period.
Photo: Vitaly Borodulin

The advent of fractional photothermolysis has stimulated the development of a new method combining all the needs of both practitioners and patients.

SmartXide DOT Punto is the newest system in the field of fractional CO2 laser skin resurfacing.

Technology Advantages
The peculiarity of the laser lies in the uniqueness of the emitted pulse consisting of two parts: the first part has a high peak value and is able to create a hole in the epidermis (ablation), and the second part distributes laser energy into the tissue (thermal effect). Thus, with minimal damage to the epidermis, a large amount of energy is released in a short period of time and an immediate "tightening" effect is created. This allows for safe and effective procedures in the neck, décolleté, upper and lower eyelids, scars of different localization and etiology. It also reduces the rehabilitation period to an average of 5 days and expands the possibilities of the technique.

SmartXide DOT Punto system (dermal optical thermolysis) allows you to select the power and duration of the laser beam pulse, the distance between the points, the SmartStack level, the scanning method, which makes the procedure individual for each patient and allows working on all skin phototypes.

The SmartStack function provides the emission of a series of pulses in an instantaneous sequence by hitting one point from 2 to 5 times. In this case, the pulse is split in time, but the level of energy released remains high. The skin between pulses has time to cool down, which reduces the degree of erythema after the procedure, while maintaining the tightening effect.

Opportunities in cosmetology and aesthetic medicine
1. Fractional laser skin rejuvenation (laser resurfacing)
2. Removal of pigmentation of any etiology
3. Correction of scars and scars of any etiology (including postacne)
4. Elimination of wrinkles and stretch marks
5. Removal of neoplasms