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Until August 31, 2020, the initial consultation with an osteopath followed by a therapeutic session (total cost is 3500 rubles instead of 4050 rubles) on the same day is FREE.

Dmitry P. Paleev is a qualified osteopath, a member of the Russian Osteopathic Association.

Practical experience is 25 years.

Treatment for:

- headaches, pain in the neck, back, chest, and joints;
- functional disorders of brain structures;
- c after-effects of injuries and operations;
- visual and hearing problems, etc.

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Our beautiful offers

Until August 31, 2020

For fresh and youthful face and neck skin use a double effect of RF micro needle lifting with Fraxis Duo (2 in 1) fractional CO2 resurfacing at a great price of 32,000 ( instead of 40,000) rubles!

Fraxis Duo fractional CO2 or RF micro-needle skin lifting as a separate session, including the post treatment care product is only 17,000 (instead of 20,000) rubles.

Biorevitalization of the skin is known to be beneficial to enhance and prolong the effect of laser sessions. We supplement our offer with a special 12% discount for hydration using Juviderm Hydrate (as a pretreatment or between laser sessions) and for biorevitalization using Juviderm Volite as a final touch. By the way, the result of Juviderm Volite stays at least for 9 months, which is very attractive.

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• Micro-video diagnostics of hair and scalp
• Hair therapy with injectables
• Laser hair therapy
• Hair treatment following pregnancy and delivery
• Hair loss treatment in males
• Inhibition of excessive hair growth
• Cryomassage
• Scalp massage

Trichologists see patients on the problems of scalp and hair, i.e.:

- increased skin oiliness

- dandruff and seborrheic dermatitis

- hair loss and baldness (focal and diffuse, androgenetic in men and women) and includes trichoscopy, i.e. visual examination of scalp and hair using an ARAMO SG video camera.

The specialized computer program TrichoScience Pro provides additional diagnostics of hair condition along the length, in the root, at the tip, as well as seboregulation process, and scalp diseases.If necessary, a comprehensive examination can be carried out in the outpatient department of the clinic by professional therapists, gynecologists, endocrinologists, gastroenterologists, ENT, and neurologists, including laboratory tests and instrumental diagnostics (ultrasound and endoscopy).

Treatment programs include:

- individual selection of special care products for scalp and hair: shampoos, lotions, masks, serums;

- drug therapy for diagnosed concomitant diseases and conditions,

- as well as scalp area treatments such as fractional mesotherapy on DermaPen with MesoHair Solution (Spain), Dermaheal (South Korea), intracutaneous microinjections - mesotherapy with NTCF 135 (France), HEEL (Germany), HairX (Russia) including the use of nano needles to minimize pain.


MD Board certified dermatologist, trichologist