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A beautiful breast makes a woman feel confident in her own attractiveness and gives aesthetic pleasure from the sight of her body.

Sometimes there are unfortunate discrepancies between the breast given by nature or what it has become after child-feeding and the one that a woman wants to see.

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Warning about Anti-Epidemic Measures

Dear patients and accompanying persons!

On the basis of the decree of the Governor of the Sverdlovsk Region No. 524-UG dated October 5, 2020, entrance to the clinic is allowed if a mask is properly worn on the face.

On the basis of the Order of the Ministry of Health of the Russian Federation 198 of March 19, 2020 a restrictive visiting regime is in effect in the clinic, an epidemiological anamnesis on coronavirus infection is being collected, for which purpose a questionnaire is filled in at the entrance.

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Removal of spikes and warts

A wart (verruca) is a small benign neoplasm on the skin of a natural color or slightly darker, brown. Warts may appear on different parts of the body, in the form of a node or papilla.

A spike is a trivial name for the plantar wart. It is a callus-like node with a heterogeneous structure.

In addition to the above-mentioned types, there are flat warts and pointed condylomas.

Why do warts occur? Warts occur as a result of dermal overgrowth caused by the human papilloma virus (HPV). The virus is transmitted by contact with a carrier or through common items such as clothing, underwear or shoes (contact or community-acquired infection).

Removal of warts and spikes: indications

How to treat warts? The presence of any kind of warts is an indication to remove this neoplasm. Indications for urgent removal of the wart are any changes in its condition: enlargement, discoloration, painful sensations, swelling, edema and so on.

It is also indicated to remove these neoplasms in case of aesthetic or any other discomfort associated with them.

Removal of warts and spikes: contraindications

Contraindications for removal are: exacerbation of skin pathologies, acute infectious diseases with characteristic symptoms, chronic diseases in the acute or decompensation stage, and epilepsy.

This manipulation should be performed with caution in the presence of cancer; radio-wave removal is not recommended.

In pregnancy and lactation, in the presence of a pacemaker, and history of keloid scars, it is preferable to use the cryodestruction method.


The cryodestruction method is carried out without the use of anesthesia, while for radio-wave removal of warts and spikes local anesthesia is applied.

How to remove a wart?

 When preparing for the treatment, it is desirable to give up tanning 2 weeks in advance.

 Immediately before the plantar wart removal, our clinic may recommend a visit to a pedicure room to "cleanse" the neoplasm of excrescence and hyperkeratosis. This increases the efficacy of the removal procedure.


Cryodestruction is the most commonly used, universal way to remove warts of different types. This method is very effective and minimally invasive. It allows achieving good results with minimal risk of scarring.

As a result of exposure to extremely low temperatures (liquid nitrogen is used), the cells affected by HPV die off. The advantage of the method is that it has a minimum of contraindications, it is allowed for people with pacemakers, pregnant and lactating women.

Removal of the warts through cryodestruction is not instantaneous; the destruction is gradual, through the formation of a necrotic crust. As a rule, the treatment is performed several times.

Radio wave (high frequency) removal:

Removal of filiform and/or plantar warts is often performed using radio waves. For this purpose, special equipment is used that affects the wart by radio waves, which results in heating the affected tissues to a temperature of irreversible protein coagulation. This leads to the wart destruction and skin cleansing after regeneration. The advantage is a point effect of minimizing damage to the surrounding tissues.

The selection of the removal method is strictly individual, based on the specific clinical case.

It is important to know: in case of multiple warts and a recurrent process, the successful removal of new warts requires the assistance of an immunotherapist.


As a result, you will get rid of one or more neoplasms that prevent you from feeling free and comfortable. The treatment is quick, precise, pointed and painless.

After recovery, the skin is clean. In some cases, a small scar may remain. It is important to know: in case of multiple warts and recurrent processes, you need the help of an immunotherapist to successfully get rid of new warts. Recovery The recovery period may last up to two weeks and depends on the original size of the wart or plantar wart. After removal, careful and attentive care is required, which includes treatment of the wound with the antiseptic solution and ointments recommended by a doctor. Also, at first, it is forbidden to wet the wound and it is forbidden to wear occlusive dressings (adhesive tapes, etc.).

After healing it is necessary to apply a cream protecting against ultraviolet radiation to the removal site.

Where to remove a wart or a spike? In the S.V. Nudelman Center of Cosmetology and Plastic Surgery at the following address: 19 Moskovskaya Street, Yekaterinburg.

How much does it cost to remove a wart or a spike?
You can find out the cost of removing a wart by referring to the price list.