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Special offers for mammoplasty!

A beautiful breast makes a woman feel confident in her own attractiveness and gives aesthetic pleasure from the sight of her body.

Sometimes there are unfortunate discrepancies between the breast given by nature or what it has become after child-feeding and the one that a woman wants to see.

Especially for patients dreaming of beautiful breasts! We have extended the mammoplasty promotional offer until January 31, 2021

What can be done?

Warning about Anti-Epidemic Measures

Dear patients and accompanying persons!

On the basis of the decree of the Governor of the Sverdlovsk Region No. 524-UG dated October 5, 2020, entrance to the clinic is allowed if a mask is properly worn on the face.

On the basis of the Order of the Ministry of Health of the Russian Federation 198 of March 19, 2020 a restrictive visiting regime is in effect in the clinic, an epidemiological anamnesis on coronavirus infection is being collected, for which purpose a questionnaire is filled in at the entrance.

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Mesothread introduction is a minimally invasive procedure for skin rejuvenation with a prolonged cumulative effect, which does not require any special preparation for the procedure, without a long rehabilitation period.

The technology of introducing mesothreads implies a superficial subcutaneous injection of thin threads made of absorbable suture material, polydioxanone (PDO).

The task of mesothreads is to stimulate the production of endogenous resources for collagen synthesis and create the basis for its fixation.

Gradually, in the injected zone, the tissues thicken, improve their relief, turgor and elasticity. Guide needles promote mechanical destruction of "old" collagen, stimulate "young" collagen production and angiogenesis.

Such stimulation results in improved skin color and increased tissue mobility and elasticity in the zone of elastosis and fibrosis.

Introduction of mesothreads into local fat deposits leads to mechanical injury of adipose tissue, destruction of a small number of fat cells and their subsequent replacement by collagen.

An absorbable sterile polydioxanone thread is considered the safest type of thread. The risk of complications and deformation of facial contours is significantly reduced.

EWA Innolift™ mesothread (Jeil Tech Co. Ltd.) is registered in EU and Russia.

The threads used for thread lifting of tissues are folded in half. In this case, one part is integrated into the guide needle channel, while the other part is outside. Once the thread is inserted into the tissue, in the reverse course of the needle, the thread is easily separated from the guide by one movement and remains in the tissue. Collagen is then generated around the thread providing skin lift.

Simultaneously with the mechanical skin lift, the body's reaction to the foreign body begins. The reaction leads to increased blood flow, giving the skin elasticity and effacing wrinkles.

The threads are designed to correct age-related changes, improve contours and relief of face and body skin, reduce ptosis of soft face and body tissues, and prevent premature aging. Manipulations are performed within the subcutaneous fat layer, superficial muscular aponeurotic complex, and some expression muscles.

Swelling after the procedure fully disappears in 2-3 days. Within 180-210 days, polydioxanone breaks down into water and carbon dioxide and is completely dissolved.


  • Reduced skin turgor and elasticity, skin laxity
  • Uneven skin relief
  • Moderate soft tissue ptosis
  • Age-related changes (nasolabial folds, lip wrinkles, vertical and horizontal forehead lines, nasojugal groove, purse-string wrinkles, periorbital wrinkles, pre- and post-auricular folds).
  • Changes in the contour and relief of the face and body skin (skin folds on the chin, neck, and chest; sagging tissues on the buttocks, abdomen, arms and legs, uneven skin and subcutaneous tissue topography after liposuction).
  • Ptosis of soft tissues of face and body (gravitational ptosis of cheeks and chin, drooping eyebrows).


Keloid and hypertrophic scars
Autoimmune diseases
Severe somatic diseases
Mental disorders
Malignant tumors
Skin inflammations and infections in the treatment area
Presence of previously injected non-biodegradable injectiables in the treatment area
Feverish condition
Antithrombotic therapy, which cannot be temporarily cancelled
Pregnancy, lactation
Age under 18 years

Post-treatment recommendations:

1. Restrict mimic activity (up to 7 days).
2. Avoid increased physical activity (up to 5 days).
3. Avoid sharp temperature changes (visits to saunas, baths, solariums for up to 10 days).
4. Do not apply decorative cosmetics within 12 hours.
5. Do not knead or massage.