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Special offers for mammoplasty!

A beautiful breast makes a woman feel confident in her own attractiveness and gives aesthetic pleasure from the sight of her body.

Sometimes there are unfortunate discrepancies between the breast given by nature or what it has become after child-feeding and the one that a woman wants to see.

Especially for patients dreaming of beautiful breasts! We have extended the mammoplasty promotional offer until January 31, 2021

What can be done?

Warning about Anti-Epidemic Measures

Dear patients and accompanying persons!

On the basis of the decree of the Governor of the Sverdlovsk Region No. 524-UG dated October 5, 2020, entrance to the clinic is allowed if a mask is properly worn on the face.

On the basis of the Order of the Ministry of Health of the Russian Federation 198 of March 19, 2020 a restrictive visiting regime is in effect in the clinic, an epidemiological anamnesis on coronavirus infection is being collected, for which purpose a questionnaire is filled in at the entrance.

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Training for Plastic Surgeons


Vaginal aesthetic surgery for plastic surgeons

Basic theoretical course:

Anatomy of the vulva and vagina. Important aspects
Opportunities of aesthetic vaginal surgery
Principles of patient selection

Options for anesthesia (including those for outpatient surgery)

Step by step surgical technique: 
- Labiaplasty (labia majora and labia minora)
markings, surgical techniques, suture options 
- Clitoroplasty (clitoris lifting)
- Perineoplasty
Laser in Aesthetic Gynecology

Characteristics of physical effect on tissues
Procedure protocols:
- whitening (for hyperpigmentation of anogenital area)
- vulvovaginal and anogenital rejuvenation 
- correction of the mucous aging changes (the approach algorithm and protocols of laser treatments)
Injection techniques

Labia majora correction using HA fillers or fat.
Point G, clitoris and clitoris hood augmentation.
Correction of the vagina (posterior commissure).
Simultaneous approach in aesthetic surgery (possibilities, technology sequence combinations, results)

Duration of training: 1 day
Training cost: 80,000 rubles (1170 EUR).

Advanced Course (practical):

Live surgery on each of the above procedures
Postoperative care
Specific complications and methods of their correction

Duration of training: 2 days
Training cost: 130,000 rubles  (1901 EUR).

Basic + Advanced Course:
Training cost: 190,000 rubles (2778 EUR).

Our prices indicated in Euro, using the official exchange rate on 12 of January, 2015.