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Special offers for mammoplasty!

A beautiful breast makes a woman feel confident in her own attractiveness and gives aesthetic pleasure from the sight of her body.

Sometimes there are unfortunate discrepancies between the breast given by nature or what it has become after child-feeding and the one that a woman wants to see.

Especially for patients dreaming of beautiful breasts! We have extended the mammoplasty promotional offer until January 31, 2021

What can be done?

Warning about Anti-Epidemic Measures

Dear patients and accompanying persons!

On the basis of the decree of the Governor of the Sverdlovsk Region No. 524-UG dated October 5, 2020, entrance to the clinic is allowed if a mask is properly worn on the face.

On the basis of the Order of the Ministry of Health of the Russian Federation 198 of March 19, 2020 a restrictive visiting regime is in effect in the clinic, an epidemiological anamnesis on coronavirus infection is being collected, for which purpose a questionnaire is filled in at the entrance.

Where did you hear about us first time?

If You Decide to Have Surgery

All patients scheduled for surgery visit a surgeon for a compulsory consultation where an extent of surgical intervention and its cost are discussed.

Attention! A remote consultation is free and is intended only for residents of other cities and countries.

Ekaterinburg residents are strongly advised to come for in-person counseling. Only a face-to-face communication between a doctor and a patient enables comprehensive assessment of the problem and individual physical characteristics (i.e. skin condition and elasticity) and obtain complete information on all issues related to the surgery. Surgical counseling is free in our clinic.

Patients from many cities, such as Moscow, St. Petersburg, Novosibirsk, Nizhny Novgorod, Kazan, Samara, Omsk, Chelyabinsk, Ufa, Rostov-on-Don, Volgograd, and residents of the near and far abroad come to the Cosmetology & Plastic Surgery Center.

If you live outside Ekaterinburg, an initial consultation can be remote, based on photos. A remote consultation is preliminary, but it helps specify the extent of intervention, timing and provide an estimated cost of surgery. Also, it requires good quality photos taken in natural light without using a flash. The total size of attached files should not exceed 1MB, alternatively your letter will not be received. Please do not use Zip or RAR for compressing, as it may cause inconvenience in the subsequent work with images!

Face. The head should be straight with the chin not raised, forehead and ears visible, facial muscles relaxed. The lens should be at the eyes level. Pictures should include: frontal view, left and right profile views and three-quarter right and left views. If you have chosen a surgeon, please submit your photos to his/her e-mail address specified in the "Specialists" section.

Nose (rhinoplasty). Facial front view, right and  left profile views, nasal base view (with the head thrown back). Submit your nose photos to the following plastic surgeons: golovach@plastic-surgery.ru (Vitaly Golovach) or nos@plastic-surgery.ru (Igor Tsvetkov). If the function of nasal breathing is impaired and you need its restoration or nasal septum correction in addition to nose reshaping, or if you suffer from snoring, please submit your photos to the e-mail: lor@plastic-surgery.ru (Dr. George A. Kolyvanov). Please wait for a specialist’s response.

Breast (breast augmentation, reduction, lift). Front view, left and right three-quarter views; front view with hands raised (from the chin to the thighs). All e-mails are specified in the "Specialists" section.

Body Contouring (liposuction, tummy tuck). Full-height pictures from the neck (with or without the face) to toes, in your underwear or bikini swimsuit (no other clothes)|, with your hands along the body and the abdominal and leg muscles relaxed. Views: front, back, left and right.

Legs. The pictures should show your legs from waist to toes with your knees straight, heels and toes together. Front and back views. Submit your photos to your chosen surgeon. E-mails are specified in the "Specialists" section.

Leg reshaping and lengthening. Please submit photos directly to Dmitry Polyakov at: pdv@plastic-surgery.ru. Please wait for his response.

Feet. Feet deformity (including valgus deformity of the great toe). Please submit your photos directly to Mikhail Polliak at: polliak@plastic-surgery.ru. Please wait for his response.

Fingers, hands. Take pictures with your fingers straight, palmar and dorsal views. Hand X-rays with fingers straight are also necessary. Please submit your hand pictures directly to Igor Obukhov at: hand@plastic-surgery.ru. Please wait for his response.

If you are not sure what kind of specialist you need, please send your photos to our website consultant, Deputy Director Marina Shaporenko at: mm@plastic-surgery.ru, and then call (343) 228-28-20.

Preoperative examination is performed the day before surgery. Please come to the clinic for examination on the appointed day by 9 am on an empty stomach.

Women planning their surgery should keep in mind that it should not coincide with their period.

We highly appreciate your attention to this information: your compliance will help ensure the maximum comfort for you and save your precious time.

Dear patients! We thank you for choosing our clinic. Since there are many patients willing to undergo aesthetic surgery here, please fix the date of your arrival in advance. Patients who have already scheduled the surgery date, but cannot  arrive at the agreed date due to some circumstances, or simply have changed their mind are requested to cancel the reservation in advance by contacting us via the phone: (343) 228-28-37 or e-mail: gendel@plastic-surgery.ru. This will give us an opportunity to provide the desired service to those on the waiting list. We will be pleased to reschedule your surgery for a more convenient date and welcome you in our clinic.

Thank you!