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VIII International Plastic Surgery Course will be held on the eve of the 25th anniversary of the Cosmetology and Plastic Surgery Centre on September 12 to 14, 2014. It promises to be a bright and interesting event with the brilliant constellation of speakers, innovators and recognized leaders, such as Peter A. Adamson (Canada), Sam T. Hamra (USA), Patrick L. Tonnard (Belgium) and Jose Luis Martin del Yerro (Spain).


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Otorhinolaryngology (ENT)

- Modern methods for diagnosis and treatment of diseases of ENT organs
- Counceling and surgical treatment of children and adults
- Comprehensive individual approach
- Wide range of endoscopic, minimally invasive and microsurgical operations of ENT organs
- Combined procedures (simultaneous surgical treatment of several pathologies)
- Comprehensive correction of snoring in children and adults 
- One-day hospital stay
- Patient accommodation in comfortable single or double rooms

Fibropharyngoscopic, endoscopic, and microscopic examination of ENT organs
Biopsy of ENT organs

Therapy and surgical treatment:

Nose and paranasal sinuses:
Inflammatory diseases of nasal sinuses:
- Advancement method
Puncturing and catheterization of the paranasal sinuses:
- Puncturing of the maxillary sinus
- Puncturing of the maxillary sinus with drainage
Treatment of recurrent nasal bleedings:
- Chemical cautery of a bleeding vessel with silver nitrate solution
- Electrosurgical cautery of a bleeding vessel
- Anterior nasal packing with hemostatic agents
- Posterior nasal packing
Surgical procedures:
Correction of the nasal septum:
- Septoplasty
- Endoscopic septoplasty
- Minimally invasive techniques: septal redressment / straightening with a scoring technique
Endoscopic treatment of the paranasal sinuses (removal of cysts, polyps, foreign bodies, affected mucosa)
- Micro-endoscopic surgery of the maxillary sinus
- Endoscopic ethmoidotomy
- Endoscopic frontotomy
- Endoscopic sphenotomy
Surgical treatment of odontogenic sinusitis:
- Open maxillary sinusotomy
- Open maxillary sinusotomy with oroanthral fistula closure
Surgical treatment of chronic hypertrophic and vasomotor rhinitis:
- Submucosal vasotomy and lateropexy of inferior turbinates
- Endoscopic radiofrequency or shaver turbinoplasty
Endoscopic excision of adhesions in the nasal cavity with stenting
Reposition of nasal bones
Postoperative care (follow-up, change of dressings, nasal hygiene, sinus irrigation, etc.)

- Removal of cerumen plugs and foreign bodies from external auditory canals
- Auripuncture with transtympanic administration of medications
- Inflating the middle ear by blowing air up the nose (Politzer maneuver)
- Parameatal blockade with medications
- Paracentesis
- Catheterization, blowing air up the Eustachian tubes, transtubal drug administration
- Pneumomassage of ear-drums
Surgical procedures:
- Tympanostomy under a microscope
- Myringotomy under a microscope with the fluid evacuation from the tympanic cavity

Pharynx, larynx:
- Inflammatory diseases of the tonsils
- Opening of paratonsillar abscesses
- Removal of foreign bodies from the oropharynx
- Removal of foreign bodies from laryngopharynx
- Intralaryngeal infusion of medications
Surgical procedures:
- Endoscopic adenotomy (shaver, RF)
- Tonsillotomy (shaver, RF)
- Adenotonsillotomy
- Tonsillectomy
- Coblation tonsillectomy

Management of snoring:
- Uvulopalatoplasty
- Uvulopalatopharyngoplasty with tonsillectomy
- Combined correction of ENT organs in snoring (septoplasty with turbinoplasty, uvulopalatoplasty)

Removal of benign tumors of ENT organs
Opening of furuncles in ENT organs

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