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VIII International Plastic Surgery Course will be held on the eve of the 25th anniversary of the Cosmetology and Plastic Surgery Centre on September 12 to 14, 2014. It promises to be a bright and interesting event with the brilliant constellation of speakers, innovators and recognized leaders, such as Peter A. Adamson (Canada), Sam T. Hamra (USA), Patrick L. Tonnard (Belgium) and Jose Luis Martin del Yerro (Spain).


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Breast Pathology Treatment

To enjoy healthy and beautiful breasts women should visit a breast oncologist on a regular basis. One of the worst enemies for women is breast cancer (BC).


  • Chances of developing breast cancer increase with age. In women over 35, the risk increases with each passing year.
  • Heredity: breast cancer cases in your family history.
  • Hormonal imbalance caused by: irregular sex life, late childbirth (after 30 years old), childlessness, no breastfeeding, abortions.
  • Thyroid dysfunction increases the chances of developing breast pathology, so you need to undergo thyroid examination, including thyroid hormone profile and ultrasound examination, once a year.
  • Women who experienced early periods (before the age of nine) and those whose menopause occurred after 55 years need particular attention.
  • Chronic gynecological diseases and menstrual cycle disorders also increase the risk of breast cancer. 
  • Body habitus: women with height over 165 cm and weight over 70 kg should visit a breast oncologist more frequently, since excess weight is indicative of metabolic disorders, which lead to various abnormalities, including cancer. 
  • You are at risk if your work involves contact with carcinogens, or if you have had an injury of the breast.


  • To reduce the risk (or completely avoid it) you should follow a few simple rules:
  • Exercise or engage in active sports
  • Eat properly. Your diet should be balanced with plenty of fruit and vegetables and minimal carbohydrates. You should avoid eating foods high in sugar, such as confectionery, etc.
  • Try to evoke more positive emotions and keep positive attitudes. Prolonged chronic stress or depression increases the risk of breast pathology.
  • Do not sunbathe topless!
  • Never self-prescribe or discontinue hormonal contraceptives without medical supervision, as this may lead to disturbance of hormonal balance.
  • Women aged under 35 should visit a breast oncologist once a year and twice a year afterwards. Also, women aged under 40 should undergo breast ultrasound examination once a year and those over 40  should undergo mammography. 
  • You should use a self-check technique on a regular basis. However, remember that self-check doesn’t replace routine medical examination by a breast oncologist. 

We offer:

  • Examination by a breast oncologist
  • Breast ultrasound examination
  • Breast puncture
  • Cytology
  • Ultrasound-guided breast puncture
  • Ultrasound-guided treatment of exudative mastitis
  • Quadrant mastectomy
  • Removal of accessory breast tissue (unilaterally)
  • Removal of accessory breast tissue (bilaterally)
  • Treatment of true gynecomastia of grade I.

Even if you live in another city, you can be examined by a doctor, undergo breast ultrasonography, puncture and all necessary laboratory tests within one day. Hospital managers will offer you convenient examination schedule. You can contact us by phone (343) 228-28-28.

MD Head of Dermatosurgery Department, board certified breast oncologist, dermatologic surgeon


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